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Feb 09
We Are recruiting Register Now! All Classes Needed...

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    The Eternity Vault
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    Karagga's Palace
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    Explosive Conflict
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    The Eternity Vault
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    Karagga's Palace
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    Explosive Conflict
     Terror From Beyond
    Terror From Beyond

    36px-sith_empire_iconRecruiting All Classes

    Bounty Hunters Bounty Hunters
    Overall Need: High
    Advanced Class Need
    PowertechPowertech High
    MercenaryMercenary High

    Imperial Agents Imperial Agents
    Overall Need: High
    Advanced Class Need
    OperativeOperative High
    SniperSniper High

    Sith Inquisitors Sith Inquisitors
    Overall Need: High
    Advanced Class Need
    AssassinAssassin High
    SorcererSorcerer High

    Sith Warriors Sith Warriors
    Overall Need: High
    Advanced Class Need
    JuggernautJuggernaut High
    MarauderMarauder High


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